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Current Conditions for Montevideo, MN
Dew Point
Heat Index
Wind Chill
Daily Rainfall
Rainfall Rate
Month Rainfall
Year Rainfall
Storm Start
Storm Rainfall


Maximum/Minimum Conditions Since Midnight


Dew Point


Heat Index

Rainfall Rate



Dew Point


Wind Chill

Vantage Pro

Sys time

Norm High
Norm Low
Moon Phase
Seven Day Graphs
Wind Speed Wind Dir (Grid) Wind Dir (Polar) Wind Rose 1 Wind Rose 2 Temperature Humidity Barometer Rainfall

Icon Legend
Data trendsData Trends
Barometric trendsBarometric Trends
Mostly CloudyMostly
Partly CloudyPartly
Prevalent windsPrevalent Winds
(Past 60 Minutes)
Rainfall departureRainfall Departure
(Above/Below Norm)
Threshold alarmThreshold
Rain likelyRain
Rain possibleRain
Snow possible/likelySnow

Graph: Mouse over current weather conditions (highlighted in red) or wind roses to show data since midnight.  Clicking on the top wind rose or reloading the page will show past wind direction.  Reading left to right, each dark vertical line represents midnight, 6 a.m., noon, 6 p.m. and midnight.  The slightly lighter colored lines represent 2, 4, 8, 10 a.m. and p.m., while the even lighter lines represent 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 11 a.m and p.m.  The red and blue dotted lines represent local sunrise and sunset times respectively.

Graphic data is collected, updated, and plotted at 15 minute intervals.  Mouse over the graph data point to display its exact value for that point in time.  Please note that the heat index and wind chill graphs will only display a data point if the value is valid as defined by the National Weather Service.

Webcam: Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.  The camera has a 170° field of view, is pointed west, and is tilted up at about a 20° angle.  Picture data is updated once every 15 minutes, and is overlaid with the current weather conditions at the time the photo was captured.

Seven Day Graphs: Click on the desired weather value to display a graph of the conditions for the previous seven days.  Graphs are updated daily at noon.

Extras: The calculated snowfall value is displayed during times of measurable frozen precipitation.  Additional advisories are displayed during times of extreme weather conditions such as high heat index, low wind chill, high rates of rainfall, etc.  Data values change color with changes in the previous data -- red for rising and blue for falling values.  Red and blue arrows indicate the past minute data trends, with red representing a rising value and blue a falling value.  The blue minus and red plus circles to the left of the monthly and yearly rainfall values indicate above and below departures from normal.

Data fields within the maximum/minimum section will change to a dark red when the current condition matches either the minimum or maximum value.  Alarm threshold bell icons will appear next to data that has exceeded the locally programmed values.  In most cases, this threshold value is set to the extremes of the previous calendar year.  Mousing over the weather/almanac data, and some of the extreme data will display additional information for that parameter.

Software: Weather data from the Davis Vantage Pro is derived from vanprod, a very nice PERL based program from Stan Sanders, N5JKT.  This data is further processed by various PERL, PHP, and BASH shell scripts, freely available on the repository page, to produce the weather data used here, as well as a slightly more advanced local copy AJAX technology is used to update the data on this page once every 10 seconds.  The actual weather data file (wx_data.txt) is small enough (~500 bytes) so that users on even the slowest dial-up Internet connection can still enjoy viewing the weather as it happens.  All of the software is running under Linux on a Dell PowerEdge T310 server.

Disclaimer: The data values and forecasts produced by this software are derived from a home weather station, and are not warranted to be accurate nor precise.  At times, this weather forecast is more accurate than that supplied by the National Weather Service, and sometimes it is not.  Most of the weather data values are surprisingly close to the values derived by the local area airports, but glitches have been known to occur in even the best weather systems.  Always use common sense when planning your weather dependent activities.

Other sources of the above weather data

Missoula, MT
Surface Data
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Live streaming audio, in Ogg format, of NOAA weather radio KXI32, Appleton, MN | Local "Wunder Cam" weather webcam, with monthly history and time-lapse video