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Kodak W820 RSS Weather Feed

In December of 2009, Woot had Kodak Easyshare W820 wireless digital frames on sale for $60.  This is about 1/3 of the retail price, and too good of a deal to pass up. 

W820 The W820 has an 8 inch diagonal, 800x480 pixel screen with 512MB of RAM.  But perhaps its best feature is the WiFi connectivity.  With a little bit of work, it is quite easy to display just about any sort of graphic data in nearly real time.

The W820 has a number of ways to display data, but the RSS feed option seems to works best for constantly changing data such as weather information.  A local RSS feed requires a web server as well as software to create the XML feed file.

Being a weather enthusist, I designed RSS software to display local weather conditions, radar graphics, my weather webcam, various graphs displaying the previous 24 hours of weather data, and current weather warnings, watches, and advisories.

Everything you need to install this program can be found on the repository page.  It is relatively simple to add additional types of data to the program.  Please see the README within the archive for further information.