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Software Repository

Davis Weather Station

AnythingWeather upload script - A simple PERL script used to upload weather data generated by vanprod to the AnythingWeather site.

Davis Weather Web page - This archive contains various PHP, PERL, and BASH shell scripts used to create a local webpage with current weather conditions as provided by the Davis weather station.  In addition, an optional webcam output generates both thumbnail, full-sized, and a daily weather movie.  All weather data/webcam images have the option of uploading data to your own public web page.  Last updated 9 January 2013.


Svxlink additions - Included are all of my TCL modules, updated to work with the latest SVN release (v0.9.0rc2) of svxlink, and optional patches to the Logic.tcl, TclVoiceMail.tcl, RepeaterLogic.tcl, and SimplexLogic.tcl files.  Weather related scripts alert2raw, forecast2raw, and skywarn2raw have been improved, and updated to use Flite.  Support files used to create the sounds files and other various data are also included.  Be sure to view the README for installation and setup instructions

Svxlink sounds - Additional sounds used by the new modules.  Please note, this is a rather large file, and uses my "melodious voice" for the output.  See the above file if you would rather recreate these files for yourself (recommended!)

Kodak W820 RSS Weather Feed

Kodak WX RSS - A complete RSS system that sends weather information wirelessly to a Kodak W820 picture frame.  Provides weather warnings, watches, and advisories, current weather conditions, local and regional weather radar, webcam, and various weather graphs over the previous 24 hours.  Certain functions require the Davis Weather Web page package listed above.  Easily adapted to display just about any type of data.  Last updated 11 July 2010.